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Major heart structures and great vessels

Coronary muscle

Arteries that supply bood to caridic muscle


Layer of heart wall containing cardiac muscle


Extensions of atria


Heart is located here (area between the lungs)


Lines the heart chambers


Pointed inferior part of the heart


Two heart pump; lower heart chambers


Superior heart chambers


Another name for visceral pericardium


Wide superior part of the heart


Blood pumped by right ventirlce (oxygen-rich or oxygen-poor)


Blood pumped by left ventricle (oxygen-rich or oxygen-poor)

Papillary muscle

Enlarged muscles in ventircles attached to chordae tendinae

Trabeculae carneae

Muscle ridges in ventricels

Pectinate muscle

Ridges in anterior wall of right atrium

Chordae tendinaea

Strings attached to AV cusp

Inferior vena cava

Blood vessels that returns blood from the bosy inferior to the heart

Mitral bicuspid

The valve located between the left ventricle and the aorta

Fossa ovalis

A membrane between the atria that closes after birth

Tricuspid valve

The valve located between the right atrium and right ventricle

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