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maybe a good idea for some of us to try now? man i crack myself up. thanks craig!

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

releasing and relaxing muscles, with or without stretching and tightening muscle groups; progress from toes to head

Autogenic Training

focal awareness; critical faculties are suspended; limits of a person's usual frame of reference and beliefs are temporarily altered, making him/her receptive to other patterns of association and modes of mental functioning; utilises suggestion; aims to relax; loses awareness of self and surrounds; trance

Guided Imagery/Visualisation

overlaps with self-hypnosis; helps shift attention from distressing thoughts


statement to 'un-condition' unhelpful thought pattern and replace with more positive; needs to be supported/reinforced by actions


focus to bring mind into present moment (incl. body scan, focussing attention on the breath, focusing on one or more of the five senses, global awareness of all sensory and mental experiences, insight or reflective practices seeking resolution or illumination, walking meditation)

Stillness Meditation

focus on the feeling of stillness behind the thoughts, feelings and sensations

Mantra Meditation

word or phrase silently repeated in the mind; if mind wanders then focus is gently brought back to the mantra

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy

cultivates a moment-by-moment awareness of negative thoughts without getting entangled in them and reacting to them

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