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Micronutrient function

diarrhea, dermatits, and dementia
absorbtion in the small intestine
how the amount of iron in the body is regulated
magnesium, manganeese, molybdenum
cofactors for enzymes used in energy metabolism
vitamin k
nutrient essential for synthesizing many blod clotting factors; synthesis of prothrombin
function of choline
homocysteine metabolism
function of choline
component of cell membranes
function of choline
neurotransmitter synthesis
function of manganeese
component of different enzymes
disease caused by thiamine deficiency
best resource of riboflavin, poor sourse of iron and vitamin c
intestinal bacteria can make this vitamin b in adequate amounts to meet human needs
vitamin that functions as a coenzyme, particularly in carb metabolism
vitamin b-6, folate, and vitamin b-12 are required for this metabolism
decreased production of intrinsic factor.....
decreases vitamin b-12 absorption
function of copper
connective tissue formation
function of copper
iron release from storage
function of copper
hemoglobin formation
exposure to industrial waste
cause of liver and lung damage of cromium exposure
folate/folic acid
vitamin, that when consumed during pregnancy, can prevent neural tube defects like spinal bifida
some niacin is formed in the body from this
table salt
major sources of iodide in the north american diet
good folate sources
green, leafy vegetables
diesease from deficiency of iron, folate, or vitamin b-12
disorder that causes increased iron absorption which leads to toxicity
impaired neurotransmitter synthesis
deficiency of vitamin b-6 that results in depression, headaches, and confusion
whole grains
good chromium and thiamin source; have more potassium, vitamin c, and fiber
infant disease caused by sever iodide deficiency during pregnancy
best food source for iron
growth retardation and poor sexual development
caused by a deficiency of zinc
source of most sulfur in our diet
milk and dairy products
source of most riboflavin in american diets
inhibits biotin absorption
impaired glucose tolerance
reason for suboptimal intake of chromium by americans
good thiamin source
good thiamin source
deep yellow/orange fruits
good thiamin source
good thiamin source
enriched cereals
essential nutrient that has not been classified as a vitamin