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bicameral legislature

lawmaking body with two houses

John Peter Zenger

his court case was a victory for freedom of the press


printing false statement about an elected official

Glorious revolution

the overthrow of King James in England, passing of the English Bill of Rights


goods sold to other countries


goods bought from other countires

triangular trade

New England, Africa, West Indies

cash crops

tobacco, cotton, sold for a profit by the southern colonies


emotional gatherings, sermons


scientific revolution, proved the planets revolve around the sun


England's national legislature

Middle Passage

deadly voyage of 10 million Africans to the Americas


young boys who learned a skilled trade

Issac Newton

developed the scientific method that is still used today

Ben Franklin

Poor Richard's almanac, inventor of many useful devices

We won't buy their goods

colonists' perspective

We pay taxes, why shouldn't they?

British perspective


civilians serving as soliders


killes, wounded or missing soliders

Albany Plan of Union

Ben Franklin's plan to unite the colonies

Edward Braddock

British commander killed at the "Point"


lost almost all land in French & Indian war


Ottawa chief who tried to unite natives againist white settlers, surrendered in 1766

Proclamation of 1763

King's George's ban to stop colonial settlement west of the Appilation mountians

George Grenville

British prime minister who ask Paliament to tax the colonists

Stamp act

internal tax on paper goods, it was repealed

Sons of Liberty

Sam Adams and others used violence to scare tax collectors

Committees of Correspondence

groups that contacted towns to share ideas about ways to challenge British tax laws


refusal to buy certain goods

French & Indian war

conflict between France and England in North America

writs of assistance

special document that allowed tax collectors to search for smuggled goods


giving information on only one side of the argument

Boston Massacre

incident that left 5 colonists shot dead

Boston Tea Party

protest againist British tea in the colonies

Intolerable Act

British troops quartered in Boston homes, harbor closed, trial by jury suspended

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