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The Law of Conservation of Energy says...___ energy is destroyed


________ said that energy can sometimes be created by destroying matter


In environmental science, conserving energy means to ________ it, not waste it.


In physical science, energy is conserved because the total quantity of energy remains __________.


the amount of work done in a unit of time.


SI unit of measurement for work

Watt (kilowatt)

SI unit of measurement for power is joules/seconds or

Energy per second

A 100-watt bulb is gives off more _________.

James Watt

_________ used the word horsepower to compare the work of a steam engine to a horse

Automobile engines

Modern day people use the unit horsepower when talking about ________


Horsepower is ______ an SI unit of power

Work divided by time

The formula for power is _______.

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