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  1. misanthropic
  2. dirge
  3. odious
  4. withered
  5. offal
  1. a offensive
  2. b disliking people or mankind in general
  3. c shriveled up
  4. d internal parts of an animal, such as the heart or the liver
  5. e a song or a melody of mourning, usually associated w/funerals

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  1. a theory
  2. rehabilitation; conversion from an unsatisfactory state
  3. mutual dealing; communications between two people
  4. spacious; roomy; able to hold much
  5. jealously eager to possess something

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  1. agitationturmoil


  2. declensionrehabilitation; conversion from an unsatisfactory state


  3. calicoinsincere talk, especially about religion or morals


  4. latentnot yet revealed or apparent; potential but not obvious yet


  5. avariceextreme greed for riches