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  1. intercourse
  2. facetious
  3. incredulous
  4. sepulchers
  5. capacious
  1. a spacious; roomy; able to hold much
  2. b not willing to believe, skeptical
  3. c burial vaults, tombs, graves
  4. d mutual dealing; communications between two people
  5. e playful, joking, lighthearted

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  1. saving; keeping warm
  2. a theory
  3. seeming to be abundantly wealthy or rich
  4. zero, nothing; anything
  5. a shelf beside a fire to keep the kettle hot

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  1. offalinternal parts of an animal, such as the heart or the liver


  2. gruela thin cereal-like oatmeal


  3. situationa position of employment


  4. preceptsa guide or rule for morals or action; a guideline


  5. corroboratedconfirmed, supported, verified