LEC. 2: Attachment

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study included the observation of monkeys
-monkeys were deprived of all early social interactions and resultant behavior
-monkey was either given 1 monkey mother machine made if bare wire mesh or one made out of wire covered with a soft cloth
-the results supported the view that social and emotional development is rooted in early social interactions with adults
findings of Kochanska study-the measures of the M-C relationship were stable -parent report of dear did NOT fit observed fear at 8-10 mo but it DID fit observed fear at 13-15 mo -M-C relationship at 13-15 mo predicted secure vs. insecure attachment -fearfulness predicted type of insecurity (less fearful= avoidant, more fearful=resistant)conclusion of Kochanska studythe study showed that the mother-child relationships and the child's own characteristics both had influence on attachmentlong-term effects of secure attachmenteffects include: -more harmonious relationships with peers, positive peer and romantic relationships and emotional health in adolescence, and higher grades/more involvement in school