LEC. 3: Peers

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neglected childfew positive or negative votes accounts for about 20% of classroom viewed similarly as averageaverage childmixtures of ratings accounts for about 30% of classroomDodge's hostile attribution biastendency to interpret other people's behaviors as having hostile intent even when behavior is ambiguous or benign *aggressive-rejected child *based on sociometric measures and observation: rejection appears to be related to aggression, disruptiveness, hyperactivity, social intrusiveness, bossinessacademic performance of rejected childrenthis child is more at risk for truancy, repeating grades, lower GPAs, and dropping out of schoolrejected children are more at risk for-external symptoms: aggression, delinquency, hyperactivity, attention-deficit disorders, conduct disorder, and substance abuse -internal symptoms: loneliness, depression, withdrawn behavior, obsessive-compulsive behavior *show a variety of longer-term negative effects