25 terms

Government Ch 3

Which branch of the Federal Government plays the largest role in the formal amendment process?
the legislative branch
The power of judicial review applies to actions by
both the Federal Government and the States
Which of the following is NOT an example of the checks and balances system?
The President makes an executive agreement
Which of the following best describes the concept of limited government?
Government must operate within certain bounds set by the people
To which branch of government fell the task of "adding flesh to the bones" of the Constitution?
the legislature
Which of the following is the subject of a constitutional amendment?
presidential term limits, repeal of a previous amendment, the prohibition of alcohol (all of the above)
One criticism of the formal amendment process is that
State legislatures, rather than convention delegates elected by the people, often ratify amendments
When there is a separation of powers,
power is distributed among three independent branches of government
Which of the following is mentioned by the Constitution and its amendments?
succession of Vice President to presidency
The basic constitutional rights of the people were FIRST set out in the
Bill of Rights
Which of the following is a method of formal amendment?
proposal by two-thirds of Congress and ratification by three-fourths of State legislatures
The legislative branch can check the judicial branch by its power to
remove judges through impeachment
The government is held accountable for its actions under which of the following principles of government?
the rule of law
The Bill of Rights was added to the Constitution to meet the demands of the
The Bill of Rights guarantees all of the following EXCEPT
the right of women to vote
Which of the six basic principles of the Constitution can be diluted when the President and a majority of the members of Congress are of the same political party?
separation of powers.
Each of the four methods of formal amendment
demonstrates the principle of federalism
With the words, "We the People," the Constitution establishes its authority on the basis of
popular sovereignty
Which of the following is NOT true of the Constitution?
It has not been changed in 50 years
The President's power to veto an act of Congress is an example of
checks and balances.
In most cases involving judicial review, the courts have
found the governmental actions in question to be constitutional
Which of the following amendments was ratified FIRST?
the amendment guaranteeing freedom of speech.
The President's Cabinet is an example of constitutional change by
unwritten custom
The Constitution requires proposed amendments to have greater State support for _____ than _____.
Which statement about the Bill of Rights is NOT true?
The amendments were ratified at the same time as the Constitution