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NOUN- a feeling of ill-will or resentment which arouses hostility


ADJ- noble and generous in spirit; understanding, tolerant, forgiving


NOUN- natural attraction or feeling of kinship; inherent resemblance between persons or things; close connection marked by similar interests or character


ADJ- a final or conclusive settlement; recognized as being the most authoritative and of the highest standard


NOUN- a plentiful supply of material goods; of great quantity; abundant wealth


NOUN- a sudden arrival of a large number of people or things; the process of flowing in


VERB- to free from bondage, slavery, serfdom, oppression, restraint; to liberate; to relieve restrictions; to give equal rights to


VERB- to control (others or oneself) or influence skillfully, shrewdly or deviously, usually to one's advantage; to hold something in one's hands and move it


NOUN- a part of something, usually of something bigger; one of the individual parts of which a composite entity is made up; can be separated from or attached to a larger system


NOUN- a person's usual mood or temperament; a tendency to act in a particular way; the act or means of getting rid of something


NOUN- the making of movies by filming a sequence of slightly varying drawings or models so that they appear to move and change when the sequence is shown (bringing a drawing to life)


NOUN- the act of reviving, reinvigorating


NOUN- steadiness of mind under stress


ADJ- acting together as a single undiversified whole


ADJ- infinitely or immeasurable small


NOUN- the quality of being unsteady and subject to fluctuations; a wave motion


VERB- to provide evidence for; to stand as proof of; to show by one's behavior, attitude, or external attributes, reveal its presence


ADJ- having one mate


ADJ- constituting or acting as a single, often rigid, uniform whole


ADJ- done or undertaken by one person or party, involving only one part or side

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