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  1. nausea
  2. desensitize
  3. aspirate
  4. exhale
  5. corset
  1. a to decrease a reaction to something
  2. b to breathe out; to release air from your lungs
  3. c a sick feeling; the need to vomit
  4. d a tight-fitting undergarment worn to enhance the way you look
  5. e to remove something by suctioning it out

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  1. showing good judgment
  2. a person unable to function without help
  3. a redness or swelling in reaction to an infection or injury
  4. to assume a pose; the way a person holds their body
  5. appearance of skin

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  1. expireto breathe out; to release air from your lungs


  2. sensitivehaving perception through the senses; hurt or easily offended


  3. staminathe ability to keep going or endure


  4. symptoma dead body


  5. physicalthe study of the functions and vital processes of living things


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