Personality Psychology

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Objection: The scientific method employed by evolutionary psychologists is, simply put, speculating backwards by wondering what circumstances or goals in the past might have produced a behavior pattern we see today. This leads to few abilities to test the ideas empirically. Many alternative hypotheses can therefore be proposed. (Basically, their ideas aren't testable)
Response: For any theoretical proposal in science, alternative theories are always possible. Complex evolutionary theories of behavior are difficult to prove or disprove but empirical research can address specific predictions and encourage the explanation. (The ideas are testable by employing studies that study a specific aspect of the theory. Having a lot of evidence supporting various parts of the theory allows the theory to be (more likely) true)
Reproductive instinct:
Objection: Evolutionary psychology's assumption that everybody wants as many children as possible seems strange in a world where many people choose to limit their own reproduction (like why the hell would birth control exist if we always wanna make babies?)
Response: For the theory to be correct, it is not necessary for people to consciously try to do what the theory says their behavior tendencies are ultimately designed to do. All that is required is for people in the past who followed a certain behavioral pattern to have produced more members of the present generation than did people who did not follow the pattern (So 1. You still want to have sex (subconciously) to produce a baby, even though your conscious minds like nope don't want a baby. Only people who want babies will usually have babies so that behavior pattern will be passed on)