26 terms

Abnormalities of the Skin

benign proliferation of blood vessels
Port-Wine Stain
large, flat macular patch covering the scalp or face, and frequently along cranial nerve V
Strawberry mark
raised bright red area with well-defined borders about 2-3 cm in diameter
Cavernous hemangioma
reddish-blue, irregularly shaped, solid and spongy mass of blood vessels
lesions caused by vscular dilations, permenantly enlarged and dilated blood vessels that are visible on skin surface
Spider Angioma
fiery, red star-shaped marking with a solid circular center
Venous lake
blue-purple dilation of venules and capillaries in a star-shaped, linear, or flaring pattern
Purpuric lesions
caused by blood flowing out of breaks in vessels
tiny punctate hemorrhages, 1 to 3 mm, round and discrete, dark red, purple, or brown in color
confluent and extensive patch of petechiae and ecchymoses
Diaper dermatitis
red, moist maculopapular patch with poorly defned borders in diaper area
scalding red, moist patches with sharply demarcated borders, some loose scales; usually in genital area
moist, thin-roofed vesicles with thin, erythematous base
Atopic dermititis (Eczema)
Erythematous papules and vesicles, with weeping, oozing, and crusts
Measles (Rubeola)
red-purple maculopapular blotchy rash appearing 3rd of 4th day of illness; also characterized by Koplik's spots in mouth
German measles (Rubella)
pink papular rash (paler than measles) first appearing on face then spreading
Primary contact dermatitis
local inflammatory reaction to an irritant in the environment or allergy
Allergic drug reaction
erythematous and symmetric rash, usually generalized
Tinea corporis
Ringworm of the body; scales on chest, abdomen, back of arms forming multiple circular lesions with clear centers
Tinea pedis
Ringworm of the foot; fungal infection
scaly erythematous patch, with silvery scales on top
Tinea versicolor
fine, scaling, round patches of pink, tan, or white that do not tan in sunlight; caused by superficial fungal infection
Labial Herpes Simplex
Cold sores
Herpes zoster
Shingles; emerge along route of cutaneous sensory nerve
Basal cell carcinoma
usually starts as skin colored papule with translucent top and overlying telangietasia
Squamous cell carcinoma
Erythematous scaly patch with sharp margins, 1 cm or more.