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Verb patterns


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He admitted
stealing the money
She advised (2)
waiting until tomorrow
me to wait until tomorrow
I anticipate
having a good time on vacation
I appreciated
hearing from them
He avoided
answering my question
I can't bear (2)
waiting/to wait in long lines
It began (2)
raining/to rain
I completed
writing my term paper
I will consider
going with you
He continued (2)
speaking/to speak
He delayed
leaving for school
She denied
committing the crime
They discussed
opening a new business
I dislike
driving long distances
We enjoyed
visiting them
She finished
studying about ten
I hate (2)
making/to make silly mistakes
I can't help
worrying about it
I keep
hoping he will come
I like (2)
going/to go to movies
I love (2)
going/to go to operas
She mentioned
going to a movie
Would you mind
helping me with this?
I miss
being with my family
Let's postpone
leaving until tomorrow
The athlete practiced
throwing the ball
Ann prefers (2)
walking to driving to work
to walk to work
He quit
trying to solve the problem
I don't recall
meeting him before
I don't recollect
meeting him before
She recommended
seeing the show
I regret (2)
telling him my secret
to tell you that you failed
I resent
her interfering in my business
I couldn't resist
eating the dessert
She risks
losing all of her money
I can't stand (2)
waiting/to wait in long lines
It started (2)
raining/to rain
She stopped
going to classes when she got sick
She suggested
going to a movie
She won't tolerate
cheating during an examination
I don't understand
his leaving school
I can't afford
to buy it
They agreed
to help us
She appears
to be tired
I'll arrange
to meet you at the airport
I don't care
to see that show
She claims
to know a famous movie star
She consented
to marry him
I have decided
to leave on Monday
I demand
to know who is responsible
She deserves
to win the prize
I expect (2)
to enter graduate school in the fall
you to be on time
She failed
to return the book to the library on time
Don't hesitate
to ask for my help
Jack hopes
to arrive next week
He learned
to play the piano
She managed
to finish her work early
I didn't mean
to hurt your feelings
They offered
to help us
I am planning
to have a party
We prepared
to welcome them
He pretends
not to understand
I promise
not to be late
I refuse
to believe his story
That cat seems
to be friendly
I struggled
to stay awake
She swore
to tell the truth
She threatened
to tell my parents
He volunteered
to help us
I will wait
to hear from you
I want (2)
to tell you something
you to be happy
She wishes
to come with us
She allowed
me to use her car
Her laziness caused
her to fail
She challenged
me to race her to the corner
I couldn't convince
him to accept our help
He dared
me to do better than he had done
He encouraged
me to try again
I forbid
you to tell him
They forced
him to tell the truth
She hired
a boy to mow the lawn
He instructed
them to be careful
Harry invited
the Johnsons to come to his party
The judge ordered
me to pay a fine
He permitted
the children to stay up late
I persuaded
him to come for a visit
She reminded
me to lock the door
Our teacher requires
us to be on time
My brother taught
me to swim
The doctor told
me to take these pills
I urged
her to apply for the job
I warned
you not to drive too fast