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developmental task

challenge that must be met or skill developed at a particular stage of life


the passing on of certain characteristics from earlier generations


a worker who has at least a degree from a four-year college or technical school in a particular field


a worker with education beyond high school that trains him or her for a certain field


a position for beginners in a field, one which requires limited education and training


how you value yourself


how you see yourself


a person's view of himself or herself as a male or female


avoiding sexual activity

open adoption

a type of adoption in which the birth parents are told about the adoptive parents and may even get to meet them

closed adoption

a type of adoption in which the birth parents do not kno the names of the adoptive parents


the unexpected death of a developing baby before 20 weeks of pregnancy


an illness spread from one person to another by sexual contact


a legal process by which children enter a family they were not born into

blended family

a family group that is formed when a single parents marries another person, who may or may not be a parent as well

extended family

a family group that includes relatives other than a parent and child who lives with them

nuclear family

a family group that includes a mother and father and at least one child

single-parent family

a family group that includes one parent and at least one child


adult who takes all financial and legal responsibility for raising a child when the childs parents die

authoritarian style

a parenting style based on the idea that children should obey their parents without question

democratic style

a parenting style in which parents allow children some imput into rules and limits put on their behavior

permissive style

a parenting style in which parents give children a wide range of freedom, with children being able to set their own rules


giving a child opportunities for encouragement and enrichment and showing love, support, and concern for the child


a formal process in which the NAEYC reviews a child care facility's staff, programs, and enviroment to see if they meet the associations strict standards


trained worker hired by a family to provide live-in child care

parent cooperative

child care situation in which part of the care is provided by the parents of children in the program

play group

child care arrangements in which parents take turns caring for each others children in their own homes


a facility that provides education programs for children aged three to five

fetal alcohol syndrome

a condition that includes physical and mental problems that result from a mothers drinking alcohol while shes pregnant

prenatal period

period before pregnancy

postpartum period

period after pregnancy


the union of an ovum and sperm, resulting in the beginning of a pregnancy

fixed expense

a cost that cannot be changed

flexible expense

a cost over which people have some control and which can be cut back if necessary


a spending plan used to help people set financial goals and work towards them

cesarean birth

the delivery of a baby by making a surgical incision in the mother's abdomen

apgar scale

a rating system used to evaluate a newborn's physical condition


forming strong emotional tiesbetween parent and child


babies born before 37 weeks of developments and weighing less than 5 pounds, 8 ounces

grasp reflex

the automatic response of a newborn's hand to close over anything that comes in contact with the palm

rooting reflex

a newborns automatic response, when touched on the lips or cheeks, of turning toward the touch and beginning to suck

startle reflex

a newborn's automatic response to a loud noise or a touch on the stomach, in which the legs are thrown up, fingers spread, and arms are first extended, and then brought back rapidly while the fingers close in a grasping action


the first milk produced by a womans breast after child birth


a special enclosed crib used for premature babies in which the oxygen supply, temperature, and humidity can be closely controlled

jean piaget

first person to study children in a scientific way focusing on how they learned


along with heredity this is one of the reasons there are so many birth effects


where never to heat formula

headstart programs

helps disadvantaged children become ready for school


the type of milk that doctors recommend babies be given


the age the brain has reached its full adult size


where the baby implants itself


the amount of weight a pregnant woman should gain

maternity leave

time off workt aht allows a woman to give birth, recover, and begin to care for her new baby


the amount of sleep a newborn baby needs


doctors who specialize in prenatal and postnatal care of the mother and baby

missed period

first sign of pregnancy


the amount of pounds a baby should gain in about a month


inches long that the average newborn is


always the same sex


formed when two eggs are released at the same time and each is fertilized

still birth

if a baby dies after 20 weeks

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