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Abnormal Psych chapter 1

Chapter 1 review of quiz
George was tormented by the deprecating voices he kept hearing. This is an example of which of the four D's?
Maria obsesses for hours over her hair and make-up in the morning. She has been fired from two jobs in the past four months as she cannot get to work on time. This is an example of which of the four D's?
Eileen has chosen not to get married, have children, and lives with ten dogs. She rarely goes out, yet she does not bother anyone. This is considered an example of:
He stated that all forms of therapy have three key features.
A group of friends decided to "let off some steam" and went to the local auto junkyard everyday to destroy some cars. This is not considered therapy for all of the following EXCEPT:
there is a series of systematic contacts between the sufferer and the inanimate objects.
He stated "therapists are not in agreement as to their goals or aims... it seems as though the field is completely chaotic and divided."
Early Egyptian, Chinese, and Hebrew writings all account for abnormal behavior as the result of:
possession by demons.
The first site of asylum reform is believed to have been at _____________ in Paris.
La Bicêtre
He was an Austrian physician who started a hypnotism clinic in Paris.
These medications lift the mood of depressed people.
In 1955, over __________ people lived in public mental institutions across the United States, while the number is around _____ today.
600,000; 60,000
On any given day, there are ______ individuals with severe psychological disturbances who are inmates of jails and prisons
Dr. Haigen published a book based on his twenty years as a forensic psychologist. He included numerous accounts or _______________ of various patients he worked with.
case studies
This is the process of systematically gathering and evaluating information through careful observations to gain an understanding of a phenomenon.
scientific method
This study observes the same participants on many occasions over a long period of time.
longitudinal study