BIO Final-chapter 25

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List major components of the digestive system and what are their major functions?
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-Ingestion: Bringing food and liquids into the mouth
-Mechanical processing: Chewing and swallowing
-Food Digestion: Chemical breakdown of food into nutrient form
-Secretion: Secretion of products by the lining of the digestive tract and secretion of products by the accessory organs of digestion
-Absorption: The movement of nutrients from the small intestine to the bloodstream
-Excretion: The removal of waste products from the digestive tract
-Compaction:Progressive dehydration of organic wastes
define lesser omentumdefine great omentumList 5 major components of the oral cavityList 3 areas the tongue can be divided into and which contains the taste buds?What substance released by the tongue begins the digestion of fat?What two muscles groups control the tongue?List 3 pairs of salivary glandsList 4 types of teeth and how many of each are found per jawDefine the 3 major areas of a tooth.Describe the 3 phases of swallowingWhat 3 areas make up the pharynx?