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vowels, consonants, dipthongs


pat, lap

Bilabial Stop


bat, lab

Bilabial Stop


tap, cot

Alveolar Stop


dam, cod

Alveolar Stop


kong, car

Velar Stop


gong, dog

Velar Stop


fan, cliff

Labiodental Fricative


van, swivet

Labiodental Fricative


(th)igh, pa(th)

Interdental Fricative


(th)y, (th)e

Interdental Fricative


sap, cats

Alveolar Fricative


zap, jazz

Alveolar Fricative

/ʃ/ (/š/)

(sh)ine, po(sh)

Palatal Fricative

/ʒ/ (/ž/)

mea(s)ure, trea(s)ure

(Alveo-) Palatal Fricative


happy, hill

Glottal Fricative

/tʃ/ (/ĉ/)

(ch)ill, tou(ch)

(aleveo-) Palatal Affricate

/dʒ/ (/ĵ/)

jill, ju(dg)e

(Aleveo-) Palatal Affricate


mull, skim

Bilabial Nasal (voiced)


ri(ng), rank

Alveolar Nasal (voiced)


lava, hill

Alveolar (lateral) Liquid (voiced)


ring, mar

Alveolar (bunched) Liquid (voiced)


will, tower

Bilabial Glide


yes, yard

(Alveo-) Palatal Glide


beat, eaten

High Front


bit, innocent

High Front


bait, ate

Mid Front


b(e)t, (e)nd

Mid Front


b(a)t, (a)sh

Low Front


(a)bout, ph(o)netic
Mid Central


w(a)s, t(u)b, b(u)t
(stressed syllable)
Mid Central


boot, reduce

High Back


g(oo)d, s(oo)t

High Back


boat, open

Mid Back


b(ou)ght, c(o)ffee

Mid Back


c(o)t, b(o)ther

Low Back




b(ou)gh, r(aw)



/i/, /I/

Front High

/e/, /ɛ/

Mid Front


Low Front

/ɘ/, /ʌ/

Mid Central

/u/, /ʊ/

High Back

/o/, /ɔ/

Mid Back


c(o)t, b(o)ther Low Back


Any variant of a morpheme. (plurals: -s, -es, -en, etc.) Zero plurals too. (deer, sheep, fish).

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