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Romeo and Juliet Review


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In the prologue, the ? is the voice that gives us the background for the play.
This story takes place in ?, Italy.
When we first meet Romeo, he is sad because ? does not love him.
? tells the fighters "if you ever disturb our streets again, your lives shall pay the forfeit of the peace."
? convinces Romeo to go to the Capulet's party to meet new girls.
She has not thought about it.
When Lady Capulet tells Juliet of the plans to marry Paris, How does Juliet feel about the marriage?
The ? is always interrupting everyone's conversations.
? wants to help Romeo find a new girlfriend.
Romeo and his friends escape detection at the party because they are wearing ?.
Romeo is a capulet or montague?
Juliet is a capulet or montague?
The Nurse is a capulet or a montague?
Benvolio is a capulet or a montague?
Tybalt is a capulet or a montague?
The Capulet Orchard
At the beginning of Act II (2), where does Romeo go?
He climbs the wall
How does Romeo get there?
Why his last name is montague
In the famous "balcony" scene, when Juliet says "Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?" (Act 2 Sc.2 line 33) what is she asking?
Because he can't marry Juliet because their families are in a feud.
Why does Romeo hate his own name?
The Nurse
Who interrupts Romeo and Juliet's conversation?
Get married
What do Romeo and Juliet plan to do the following day?
Friar Laurence
What is the name of Romeo's spiritual advisor?
Because he thinks it will end the feud
Why does the Friar finally agree to marry Romeo and Juliet?
Who challenged Romeo in a letter?
The nurse
Which member of the Capulet household is not only aware of the marriage, but is assisting with it?
3 hours
How long was the Nurse gone speaking to Romeo?
He will be killed
What is Friar Laurence's fears of marrying the couple?
Iambic pentameter
William Shakespeare wrote most of his plays and sonnets in what rhyming pattern?
Name, Rose, Sweet
"What's in a ? . That which we call a ? by any other name would smell as ?"
Whom does Juliet see at Friar Laurences cell?
Are Juliets remark truthful but not referring to Paris in Friar Laurences cell? (True or False)
Juliets mood when she asks for Friar Laurence's advice is ?.
Drink the potion, put her to sleep so she can wake up and be with Romeo.
The main point of Friar Laurences plan is to ? (Act 4)
When Juliet is speaking to Paris in Friar Laurences cell, she leads him to believe she is referring to him in her discussion, but she is really talking about ?.
Friar Laurences Plan
Capulets decision to move up the date of the wedding ahead one day affects ? ? ?.
Suffocation, Friar Laurence poisoned her, accidentally kill her, afraid it wont work, she'll go crazy
What 5 things does Juliet fear before she drinks the potion?
The same day because her father moves the wedding up
At which point does Juliet accomplish the first step of the plan?
The nurse
Who first finds Juliet after she has taken the potion?
Romeo's mother: Montague, Capulet, Other
Romeo's father:Montague, Capulet, Other
Juliet:Montague, Capulet, Other
Romeo: Montague, Capulet, Other
Juliet's mother: Montague, Capulet, Other
Nurse: Montague, Capulet, Other
Tybalt: Montague, Capulet, Other
Benvolio: Montague, Capulet, Other
Friar Laurence: Montague, Capulet, Other
Prince Escalus:Montague, Capulet, Other
What is the name of Romeo's servant?
That Juliets dead
What news does Balthazar bring to Romeo?
What kind of animal do they ride to Verona?
Someone who mixes potions, poisons, and has home remedies.
What is an apothecary?
What does an apothecary sell to Romeo?
How is someone who sells deadly poisons punished in Mantua?
Friar John
Who was supposed to deliver the letter to Romeo?
The people in Mantua thought the letters had a disease so they wouldn't deliver it
Why wasn't the letter delivered?
Get Juliet out of the tomb and hide her in his cell until he can get her to Mantua
After discovering the letter was not delivered, what does Friar Laurence set out to do?
Paris and his page
Who is at Juliets tomb when Romeo arrives there?
Putting flower on the tomb and mourning Juliet.
What is he doing there?
Hides in the bushes
What does he do when he hears Romeo approaching?
A letter he wrote
What does Romeo give to his servant to give to Romeo's father?
No, he hides in the bushes
Does Romeo's servant obey romeos command to go away?
Going to destroy Tybalt's body
What does Paris think Romeo is doing at the Capulet's tomb?
They sword fight and Romeo kills Paris
What happens between Romeo and Paris?
To be buried with Juliet
What was Paris's last request?
He kisses Juliet then dies
What happens to Romeo after he drinks the poison?
To be with the nuns
After Juliet awakens, where does the friar tell her he will take her?
She stabs herself with Romeo's dagger
How does Juliet die?

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