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  1. Symbols
  2. Subsistent Needs
  3. Decrease in Death rate (reasons why)
  4. Tariff
  5. Globalization
  1. a development of a world wide culture with and interdependent economy
  2. b a person's basic requirement of food, shelter, water, etc
  3. c due to better health care, living conditions, food
  4. d reflect artistic, literary, religious expressions of a culture
  5. e tax on imported goods; encourage people to buy from own country, since foreign goods are more expensive

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  1. individuals decide what to produce and how to produce it; based on custom or habit; technology limited
  2. government makes economic decisions
  3. individuals make economic decisions; people have right to own property or businesses; prices determined by supply and demand
  4. number of healthy birth, lower death rates
  5. interdependent people who share a common culture

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  1. Dialectlocal form of a language that may have a distinct vocabulary and pronunciation


  2. Challenges of a Growing Population:Low growth rate can lead to shortage of workers and affect production of goods


  3. Renewable Resourcesmaterials from Earth that people use to fulfill their needs


  4. Belief Systemstories/myths whose interpretation gives an idea how people should feel, think, and/or behave


  5. Physical Objectslocal form of a language that may have a distinct vocabulary and pronunciation


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