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  1. Death rate
  2. Physical Objects
  3. Bartering
  4. Society
  5. Culture
  1. a # of deaths per 1000 people
  2. b interdependent people who share a common culture
  3. c buildings, technology, resources, etc. used to define culture
  4. d an entire way of life/ shared products of human groups
  5. e the simple exchange of one thing for another

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  1. the government makes key decisions
  2. number of healthy birth, lower death rates
  3. can lead to scarcity
  4. people who share a language, history, religion, and some physical traits
  5. average number of people living in a square mile or kilometer

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  1. Nonrenewable Resourcesnatural resources that cannot be used up or that can be replaced


  2. Agriculture Revolutionan area that includes different countries that share similar cultural traits


  3. Interdependenceno trade limits so goods flows freely from country to country


  4. Culture Regionan entire way of life/ shared products of human groups


  5. Subsistent Needsa person's basic requirement of food, shelter, water, etc