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  1. Language
  2. Natural Resources
  3. Norms
  4. Decrease in Death rate (reasons why)
  5. Birthrate
  1. a means of communication
  2. b # of births per 1000 people
  3. c shared rules of conduct that tell people how to act in specific situations
  4. d due to better health care, living conditions, food
  5. e materials from Earth that people use to fulfill their needs

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  1. no trade limits so goods flows freely from country to country
  2. number of healthy birth, lower death rates
  3. limit on how many items can be imported
  4. form of limited government in which the power rests with the people, and all citizens sharein running the government
  5. people who share a language, history, religion, and some physical traits

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  1. Dialectlocal form of a language that may have a distinct vocabulary and pronunciation


  2. Bartering# of births per 1000 people


  3. 5 Universal Elements of Culturesymbols, Language, Values/beliefs, Norms, and Physical Objects


  4. Symbolsreflect artistic, literary, religious expressions of a culture


  5. Market Economic Systemindividuals make economic decisions; people have right to own property or businesses; prices determined by supply and demand