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  1. Export
  2. Command Economic System
  3. Decrease in Death rate (reasons why)
  4. Natural Resources
  5. Population Density
  1. a materials from Earth that people use to fulfill their needs
  2. b average number of people living in a square mile or kilometer
  3. c due to better health care, living conditions, food
  4. d selling goods to other countries
  5. e government makes economic decisions

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  1. individuals decide what to produce and how to produce it; based on custom or habit; technology limited
  2. means of communication
  3. countries becoming more industrialized
  4. study how people and physical features are distributed on Earth's surface
  5. local form of a language that may have a distinct vocabulary and pronunciation

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  1. Democracyform of limited government in which the power rests with the people, and all citizens sharein running the government


  2. Societyinterdependent people who share a common culture


  3. Interdependenceperson who flees to another country to escape persecution or disaster


  4. Developing Countryusually have little industry, much more agriculture and are poorer


  5. Nonrenewable Resourcesnatural resources that cannot be used up or that can be replaced