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  1. Newly Industrialized Country
  2. Developing Country
  3. Globalization
  4. Tariff
  5. Culture
  1. a tax on imported goods; encourage people to buy from own country, since foreign goods are more expensive
  2. b usually have little industry, much more agriculture and are poorer
  3. c development of a world wide culture with and interdependent economy
  4. d countries becoming more industrialized
  5. e an entire way of life/ shared products of human groups

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  1. resources that are limited in supply
  2. extreme shortage of food
  3. materials from Earth that people use to fulfill their needs
  4. this led peole to create civilizations in present day Iraq, Egypt, India, and China
  5. an area that includes different countries that share similar cultural traits

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  1. Mixed Economic Systemmix of command and market economic systems


  2. Emigrateto leave a country and move to another


  3. Growthwhether a country's pop. is increasing or decreasing


  4. Value Systemstories/myths whose interpretation gives an idea how people should feel, think, and/or behave


  5. Birthrate - Death rate =rate of natural increase of population