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  1. Interdependence
  2. Demostication
  3. Free Trade
  4. Market Economic System
  5. Globalization
  1. a plants and animals begin to depend onn humans for survival
  2. b development of a world wide culture with and interdependent economy
  3. c no trade limits so goods flows freely from country to country
  4. d individuals make economic decisions; people have right to own property or businesses; prices determined by supply and demand
  5. e when countries rely on each other for goods, services, and markets

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  1. whether a country's pop. is increasing or decreasing
  2. natural resources that cannot be used up or that can be replaced
  3. an area that includes different countries that share similar cultural traits
  4. mix of command and market economic systems
  5. buildings, technology, resources, etc. used to define culture

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  1. Quotalimit on how many items can be imported


  2. Nonrenewable Resourcesnatural resources that cannot be used up or that can be replaced


  3. Normsshared rules of conduct that tell people how to act in specific situations


  4. Value Systemhelps people tell right feelings, thoughts and behavior from wrong ones


  5. Command Economythe government makes key decisions