Scripture Chapter 19


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Why will we find differences in the flow of events of Jesus' life as they are reported to us in the Gospels?
Some Gospel writers arranged them in the order that best explained the truth rather than historical order
From which tribe of Israel did John the Baptist descend?
Why did the Gospel writers describe what John the Baptist looked like and what he wore?
Because John dressed exactly like Elijah.
When John appeared telling people that the Kingdom of God was at hand, what did many of them think he meant by this?
They thought he meant a perfect earthly king would come
Jesus interprets Elijah coming back from the dead "typologically," which means what?
John is the New Elijah
Why did Jesus say that it was "fitting" for John to baptize him?
Jesus wanted to unify himself with sinners, the human race
Remembering the tribe that John the Baptist descended form, why is it fitting that John would help Jesus inaugurate his mission by baptizing him?
David and all the Kings after him were anointed by Levites
Jesus' fast of forty days in the desert is like what other similar events from the OT?
Elijah on Mt. Horab, Moses on Mt. Sinai, the flood, Israelites in the desert
What sin did Jesus overcome in the desert that the Israelites gave into while they were in the desert?
In the desert, why was Jesus tempted to turn stones into bread?
He was starving
Why was Jesus tempted to jump off the pinnacle of the temple?
He could show everyone that he was special
Why was Jesus tempted to worship the devil in exchange for political power?
He would be able to become the perfect earthly king that the Jews wanted
What is St. John trying to teach us by including the story of the Water changed into Wine in the second chapter of his Gospel?
Mary is the new Eve
Why were there money changers in the temple courtyard?
To do the currency exchange
What was wrong with what the money changers were doing in the temple courtyard?
They were keeping some of the money for themselves
Why were people selling animals in the temple courtyard?
For pilgrims to buy for sacrifices
What was wrong with what the people selling animals in the temple courtyard were doing?
They sold the animals at an inflated price
It is common for people to give a priest money after he performs a service. Isn't this the same thing?
No because the priest should not demand money
The name of the town that Jesus had made his headquarters
Where was Capernaum located?
On the border of Zebulun and Naphtali
Physical sickness was associated with
What power did Jesus claim to have that people in authority did not like?
He claimed the power to forgive sins
What is the ironic twist in the story about Jesus healing the two blind men?
the blind men could see Jesus for who he was with their hearts but the religious leaders were spiritually blind and couldn't
What is the irony in the stories of Jesus casting out demons?
The demons recognized Jesus for who he was but the religious leaders were too stubborn not to
Why were the tax collectors so hated?
They collected more money than the Romans required and kept some for themselves
Why did Jesus associate with outcasts and sinners?
he came not to call the righteous but the sinners
Why would Jesus reach out to the Samaritans?
To show he extended his ministry beyond jews
Why were women so attracted to Jesus and his message?
he treated them as humans with hearts and minds
What is the significance of Jesus selecting twelve of his disciples to be his Apostles?
There are twelve tribes of judah
The word "apostle" comes form a Greek word that means
ones who are sent
Why did some of the Apostles, like many Jews of their time, use two names?
They had a Jewish name at home and a Roman name for business