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Prints are made ina process that is


The printer and the artist decide _____ how many impressions will be made

in advance

Relief prints are made from a surface that is _____ from a _____

raised / background

The material most commonly associated with relief prints is


In the 1700s the _____ perfected the _____ woodcut printing process

Japanese / full color

A modern artist who is creating new uses of woodcut prints is


A chief difference between woodcut and wood engraving involves

which part of the wood block is used

Intaglio, meaning _____ involves a process which is _____ the relief process

to cut / opposite to

Which of the following is not an intaglio process


Two famous masters of the etching technique were

Goya and Rembrandt

Lithography is a _____ process, which means it is done on a _____ surface

planographic / flat

In the 1800s Currier & Ives were noted for their manufacturing of

color lithographs

The _____ process utilizes a _____ to achieve its images

serigraphy / stencil

A seeming contradiction to the printing of multiple images is the print known as a


Stell and _____ are artists whose works involve handmade paper


Except in the case of _____, identical multiple impressions are printed to create editions in printmaking


In printmaking, where multiple images are made from the same original design, each individual print is called

an impression

If a print is numbered 4/100, what information can be deciphered

There are 99 other prints in the edition

The printing technique invented by a German playwright in search of an inexpensive means of publishing his plays is


Which is NOT one of the four basic printmaking processes


The earliest known printed book contains the earliest surviving woodcut image. The book was made in the 9th century CE in


Although wood is the material most commonly associated with relief printing, Inuit artists carve on _____ to create relief prints such as Man carried to the moon by the artist Mungituk


Printing impressions on top of one another from separate blocks inorder to achieve full-color woodcut prints requires careful alignment of the paper, known as


Which printmaking process did Kathe Killwitz use to make Death and the Mother


What are the two main differences between prints and most other forms of art

prints are made using an indirect process and this process results in multiples of the same image

Paublo Picasso's Portrait of a Young Girl, after Cranach the Younger, II is

a linocut

One of the main differences between the intaglio and the relief printing processes is that with intaglio the ink _____ the surface of the printing plate

lies below

Although criteria for controlling the procedures of printmaking now exist, there were no strict guidelines until

the 1960s

Which of the following is NOT one of the techniques of intaglio printing


A good example of the use of aquatint in creating areas of unmodulated, translucent color in the print

Woman Bathing by Mary Cassatt

Which of the following printing techniques is especially capable of producing subtle shades of gray


In printmaking, a plate or block will be cancelled so that

no more prints can be made from it

Serigraphy means, literally

silk writing

Which artist, known in part for his work in printmaking, promotes "international friendship, understanding, and peace through the organization call ROCI

Robert Rauschenbert

The relief printing process is used in all of the following examples EXCEPT


A rubber stamp creates what type of print


Chuck Lose's S.P. II is

a linocut

Singing Their Songs was created by

Elizabeth Catlett

What is the oldest of the printmaking methods


The number of copies that are printed from the original plate is called

an edition

The relief print process is used in which of the following common examples

rubber stamps

The four basic printmaking process include all of the following except


The word intaglio is

Italian for "to cut"

With which printing process is the plate first coated with a ground before the image is worked into it


What type of print creates a single unique impression from a plate worked with oil paint


In printmaking, an impression is

the term for each individual print in an edition

How large is the edition of a print that is numbered 15/25


Rembrandt often failed to cancel his plates when he made etchings, which is why

many poor-quality impressions were made from them long after his death

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