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there are two different groups in a study, and participants are randomly assigned to one group or the other. whats the design?
Independent groups 1-factor design
ellen signs up for a study in which she completes the Stroop test. the she is asked to do the test again, but this time the words are turned upside down. Whats the design?
repeated measures 1-factor design
What is the proper t-test for a nonequivalent groups design?
t test for independent groups
There are two main reasons why researchers sometimes use more than two levels of an IV. Which reason is illustrated in Ebbinghaus memory study?
find a nonlinear effect
In the research example that examined the so-called Mozart effect, what was the design?
multilevel repeated-measures design
in the research example EMDR, why is it that a finding of "no difference" between the experiment and control groups can be a useful outcome?
it raises questions about the validity of the new therapy being proposed. those making claims about therapy are obligated to show that it works