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14 terms

Brown's 14 Grammatical Morphemes

This set presents the name of the grammatical morphemes with examples NOT DEFINITIONS.
Progressive -ing
He is walking; she is talking; it is raining
Plural -s
Nine lives, three students, new copies
Preposition IN
Ball in the cup; Picture in the book
Preposition ON
Book on the table; Kitty on the couch
Possessive -s
Mom's shoe; The dog's collar
Regular Past -ed
He smashed; She smiled
Irregular Past
She went home; He broke it; she hit me
Regular 3rd Person singular past tense -s
She likes ice cream; he hits people
Articles a, an, the
The big worm with a green head on an apple.
Contractible copula
He is a friend, It's windy; I am awesome; you're sweet
Contractible auxiliary
He is talking; it's raining; I am studying
Uncontractible copula
This is it; He was tired
This responds to the copula question.
Uncontractible auxiliary
This is sleeping; He is sleeping
Irregular 3rd person: has, does
She has to go home; He doesn't like that, does he?