Science definitions and terms 6th grade!!

32 terms by easterf

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Passive Transport

Movement of molecules without the input of energy


passive transport of water by diffusion

active transport

protein binds to a particle and uses energy to move through the cell membrane


condition in which molecules of a substance are spread evenly throughout a space


an organism that makes its own food


a substance that speeds up a chemical reactions


a process by which vesicles release their contents outside the cell


all of the activities that occur within the cells of an organism


movement of molecules from an area of more molecules to an area of less molecules


an organism that cant make its own food

organic compound

compound containing carbon and hydrogen and is associated with living things


process that releases energy without using oxygen

inorganic compound

a substance made of elements other than carbon


process of taking substances into a cell by surrounding it with the cell membrane


combination of substances in which each substance retains its own properties


has mass and takes up space


the ability to cause change

What causes dough to rise?

Yeast cells release energy in sugar and then CO2 raises it

what is the name of process of the bread called

alcoholic fermentation

carbon dioxide


_________ are organic compounds made of sugars and starches


___________ are organic compounds that store energy


__________ the movement of large molecules through the cell membrane out of the cell is called ________


If the movement of molecules requires energy it is

active transport

_____________ IS a process that releases energy when oxygen is insufficient


__________ are organisms that cant make food


producers use light energy to make _________


Organic compounds that store important coded info in cells are______________

nucleic acids

the functions of the selectively permeable cell _______ is to allow some things to pass through it but not others.


Bacteria are taken into cells by __________


organic compounds are compounds that always contain_________


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