Latin America Vocab


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Area of land that at one time included area around present-day Mexico city down to central Nicaragua.
Largest area/country in the realm of middle america
With a total population of 112 million people it is expected to stop growing altogether by 2050.
Mexico city
Rivals Tokyo as the largest city in the world
Euro- Amerindian and Euro-African
The two major cultural heritages of the Middle american region
Latin for mixed. Refers to a person of a mixed white and Amerindian ancestry.
Mexico assembles imported, raw-materials and componetns into finished products which go back to the U.S. These areas are located closest to the boarders and are due to Mexico's acceptance of NAFTA.
Area in the northern part of the country that accounts for thousands of jobs and people. What was once burgeoning business and towns is now slowing down and being out bid by southeast Asia.
tierra templada
altitudinal zone containing middle and south america's largest population clusters.
tierra helada
Altitudinal zone (12,000 to 15,000 ft) Very cold and barren. Only grazing livestock can be maintained there.
tierra nevada
Altitudinal zone of permanent snow and ice associated with the andean peaks.
North American Free Trade Agreement between Canada, the US, and Mexico that went into effect in 1994.
Land Bridge
an isthmian link between continents (i.e. panama).
"mixed", refers to a person of mixed European and Amerindian ancestry.
Describes people who have mixed European-African ancestries.