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CHAPTER 20- The Atlantic World SECTION 1- Spain Builds an American Empire


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What factor drove Columbus to make the dangerous journey away from Europe?
competition for wealth in Asia
Where was Columbus from (country)?
Why did Columbus sail in 1492? (in search of....)
an alternate trade route to Asia
Name the three ships of Columbus's fleet.
Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria
How did the term "Indian" become 'a thing' in America?
Columbus thought he reached the East Indies, when he really went to the Caribbean, so he thought they were Indians from India and the Indies.
What modern island chain did Columbus land on?
What group of people did Columbus really discover?
When Columbus claimed the Taino's land for Spain, what did he call it?
San Salvador
San Salvador
Holy Savior
Did Columbus find any gold on San Salvador?
Nope. Nada
Why did Columbus claim SO MANY ISLANDS!
he wanted to find gold, so he searched each island and claimed every one that he set foot on for Spain
Who funded Columbus' first voyage?
Spain's rulers
How many additional trips did Spain's rulers agree to finance?
What was different about these next three trips?
Columbus was there as a conqueror and not just an explorer
What did the Spanish intend to do to the Caribbean islands?
turn them into Spanish colonies
Which of the Portuguese was the first to reach modern day Brazil?
Pedro Alvares Cabral
Who was an Italian in the service of Portugal who traveled on the eastern coast of South America?
Amerigo Vespucci
Who was the first European to look at the Pacific Ocean?
Vasco Nunez de Balboa
Who sailed around the world?
Ferdinand Magellan
Who funded Magellan's voyage
king of Spain
Where did Pedro Alvares Cabral come from?
What did Pedro Alvares Cabral find?
Who discovered that the Americas were not part of Asia?
Amerigo Vespucci
What did Vasco Nunez de Balboa do?
He was the first Eu. to see the Pacific Ocean!
What did Ferdinand Magellan do?
(kinda sorta) circumnavigated the Earth
Where was Magellan killed and why?
the Philippines because he became involved in a local war
Who was really the first Spanish conquistador?
Hernando Cortes
What did Hernando Cortes do?
first conquistador
Who were the first European settlers in the Americas?
Aztec capital
Aztec emperor
Montezuma 2
Where did Hernando Cortes land?
What did Montezuma 2 think of Cortes?
that he was a god
Three general reasons why Cortes were able to take over the Aztecs
guns, Natives that hated the Aztecs, germs
Name some of the diseases brought to America
Measles, mumps, smallpox, typhus
Who conquered the Incan Empire
Francisco Pizzarro
What did Pizzarro do?
Conquered the Incan Empire
Incan ruler
What is the main reason that Atahualpa and the Incans lost?
Atahualpa brought unarmed soliders to the meeting
Spanish settlers to the Americas
What was Spain's pattern of conquest?
impose Spanish culture upon those conquered
Spanish and NA population
The system where NA farmed, ranched, or mined for the Spanish.
What did the Portuguese begin growing and why?
Sugar because there was little gold or silver
What made Spain the richest, most powerful nation in the world at that time?
its american colonies
What did Spain do to its main land as a result of the colonies?
golden age of art and culture, increased military navy to protect treasure ships, skilled army
term for a mixed Spanish and NA population
Who landed at the coast of Florida?
Juan Ponce de Leon
What country was Juan Ponce de Leon from?
He led an expedition through AZ NM TX OK KS
Francisco Vasquez de Coronado
The Spanish found little gold in the Southwest. What happened as a result of this?
the Spanish monarchy assigned mostly priests to explore and colonize the future US
Who was the governor of New Mexico?
Pedro de Peralta
Capital of NM?
Santa Fe
What group pushed for better treatment of natives?
Spanish priests
Who was Juan Ponce de Leon?
he landed on the coast of Florida
Who was Francisco Vasquez de Coronado?
Led an expedition through AZ NM TX OK KS
Name the famous Spanish priest who criticized the encomienda system but suggested Africans?
Bartolome de La Casas
Where did Columbus encounter resistance?
St. Croix
What did priests do when converting natives that the natives hated?
destroyed sacred objects and prohibited rituals
Who drove the Spanish out of the Southwest for 12 years?
Pope, a Pueblo ruler
Who was Bartolome de Las Casas?
He was a Dominican monk who encouraged better treatment of NAs.
What did Pope do?
drove the spanish out of the Southwest for 12 yrs