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cell wall

rigid wall around plant cells

cell membrane

flexible skin like rubber of a balloon; determines what gets in or out of cell


liquid inside the cell membrane that everything floats in


animal cells only; framework made of proteins inside cytoplasm that give animal cells their shape


control center of cell; directs cell's activities


threads of DNA, the instructions the cell follows to do its job


makes ribosomes and sends them out to cytoplasm


convert food molecules into energy to run the cell; called the powerhouses of the cell

endoplasmic reticulum

often attached to nucleus; carries materials to different parts of the cell


tiny factories that help build proteins; float loose in cytoplasm

Golgi bodies

work with endoplasmic reticulum to deliver materials to different organelles in cell


bubbles or storage sacs which can be large or small


animal cells only; contain chemicals that break large molecules or old cell parts into smaller molecules; they digest things


animal cells only; help pull apart the DNA when cells are splitting in two


plant cells only; packets of green molecules called chlorophyll that capture energy from sun to help cell do photosynthesis and make food

nuclear envelope

holds together and protects the contents (nucleus)


carry out specific functions within the cell

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