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Using the ____ button on the Welcome screen to turn off the computer shuts down Windows 7 so that you can turn off the power to the computer

A. Shut down

On the task bar, a ___ button indicates that the Computer folder window is active on the screen.

A. highlighted

The Getting Started window allows you to ____.

D. all of the above

Windows 7 is available in a ____ version for all editions except Windows 7 Starter Edition.

C. both a. and b

Windows 7 is used to run ____, which are a set of computer instructions that carries out a task on the computer.

A. media
B. operating systems
C. gadgets
D. programs

A method for finding answers to your questions about Windows 7 is to use the ____ Help topics link which contains a list of categories, organized like a table of contents.

A. Browse

A workstation is a computer connected to ____.

B. a server

Internet ____, the default Web browser in Windows 7, appears as a pinned program on the taskbar

C. Explorer

In ____ mode, your work is saved and the computer is placed in power saving mode

C. sleep

The ____ button on the title bar of a window closes the window.

B. Close

When you search Help, the results of the search are sorted ____.

C. by best match to your keyword

A ____ program allows you to create graphical presentations for display on a computer

B. presentation

Expanding the Computer folder section displays all your folders in the classic folder list, or folder ____, that you might be familiar with from previous versions of Windows

A. tree

The 'Show hidden icons' button displays on the ____ of the notification area if one or more inactive icons are hidden from view in the notification area

B. left edge

Today, most Windows 7 users use ____ as the user name

C. their first and last name

____ are miniprograms that display information and provide access to various useful tools.

B. Gadgets

____ view shows a list of files and folders, in addition to common properties such as Date Modified and Type

A. List
B. Details
C. Tiles
D. Library

One practical arrangement of icons in the Documents library is to display the icons in groups based upon file type. This arrangement places files of the same type (such as ____) in separate groups

D. any of the above

Before downloading and installing a gadget, first make sure that it comes from a ____ source

A. trusted

Within any of the Document Library views, the default arrangement for the icons is to be alphabetical by ____.

A. file name

To print a document you can press ALT+____, and then press P

A. F

Most documents created using the WordPad program are saved as ____ documents

A. .rtf
B. .txt
C. .doc
D. .docx

A ____ flash drive is a handy device for physically moving copies of files and folders between computers


A shortcut icon includes an arrow to indicate that it is a shortcut, whereas a file or folder does not have the ____ as part of its icon

B. arrow

____ view displays the files and folders as a list of file names without any extra details

A. List
B. Details
C. Tiles
D. Library

Once you find a gadget online that you are interested in, you can ____ and install it on your computer

A. download

The Documents library displays links to ____.

A. the user's documents
B. any public documents
C. both a. and b.
D. neither a. nor b.

A method of changing your view to small icons is to ____ open space in Documents library, point to View, and click Small icons

A. right-click

An alternative method to save and close a WordPad document is to Press ALT+____, and then press ENTER.

D. F4

Placing a shortcut to a folder on the ____ can make it easier to locate and open the folder.

A. Start menu
B. desktop
C. either a. or b.
D. neither a. nor b

To back up the Documents library, display the Start menu, right-click the Documents command, click ____ to on the shortcut menu, and then click the location of the backup drive

A. Save
B. Send
C. Go to
D. Start

The option buttons give you the choice of printing all pages of a document (All), selected parts of a document (____), current page (Current Page), or selected pages of a document (Pages).

A. Parts
B. Selection
C. Area
D. Snippet

To launch a program and create a document you can open Start menu, click All Programs, click ____, click WordPad

A. Microsoft
B. Windows
C. Word Processor
D. Accessories

____ files and folders usually are placed on your hard disk by software vendors such as Microsoft and often are critical to the operation of their programs.

A. Hidden
B. Complex
C. Syntax
D. Object

The majority of objects displayed in the Windows folder are ____ icons.

A. file
B. folder
C. drive
D. shortcut

The Devices with Removable Storage group contains the DVD RW Drive (D:) icon, indicating that there is a ____ attached to your computer

B. DVD burner

If the Devices with Removable Storage group contains the CD RW Drive (D:) icon; it would indicate that your computer has a ____.

D. CD burner

The ____ sheet, within the Local Disk Properties dialog box, allows you to work with copies of your hard disk that are created when using backup utilities or from automatic saves.

A. AutoSave
B. Backup
C. Restore
D. Previous Versions

When you paste a file, Windows 7 copies it from the ____ to the location you specify, giving you two copies of the same file

B. Clipboard

The Local Disk Properties dialog box includes tabs that contain ____ features for working with the hard disk.

A. new
B. advanced
D. legacy

If you know only a portion of a file's name and can specify where the known portion of the name should appear, you can use a(n) ____ in the name to represent the unknown characters

B. asterisk

The ____ sheet, within the Local Disk Properties dialog box, allows you to view a list of all disk drives, troubleshoot disk drives that are not working properly, and display the properties for each disk drive

A. Tools
B. Hardware
C. Sharing
D. Scan

The ____ sheet, within the Local Disk Properties dialog box, allows you to check for errors on the hard disk, defragment the hard disk, or back up the hard disk

A. Tools
B. Hardware
C. Sharing
D. Scan

Most computer users who back up to optical discs use ____.

C. either a. or b

When you cascade open windows, the windows are resized to be the same size to produce the layered ____ effect.

D. cascading

When you move your mouse over a folder icon, a preview of the folder properties will display ____.

A. in the address bar
B. in a dialog box
C. in an error message
D. in a ScreenTip

The Properties dialog box for drives, files, and folders will always have the ____ tab.

A. Help
B. General
C. Size
D. Basic

The Hard Disk Drives group contains the Local Disk (____) icon that represents the hard disk on the computer

A. A:
B. B:
C. C:
D. D:

Windows ____ is a program that allows you to view, print, e-mail, burn, and open the pictures in your Pictures library

A. Photo Viewer
B. Picture Viewer
C. Photo Window
D. Picture Window

The ____ sheet, within the Local Disk Properties dialog box, displays the security settings for the drive, such as user permissions

A. Security

The ____ allows you to discard unneeded objects.

A. Recycle Bin

A Web ____ allows you to explore the Internet and display Web pages.

B. browser

The area below the Command bar is separated into two panes; the left pane contains the ____ pane and the right pane displays the contents of the location you currently are viewing.

C. Navigation

If a list of files in the Documents library is collapsed, the Navigation pane displays arrows that can be used to ____ the different sections in the Navigation pane

B. minimize and maximize

A ____ is designed to help you manage multiple folders and files stored in various locations on your computer

A. library

The ____ library is a central location for the storage and management of documents.

B. Documents

A ____ is a set of computer instructions that carries out a task on the computer

C. program

____ view displays the files and folders as tiles, which consist of an icon and icon description

A. List
B. Details
C. Tiles
D. Library

A method of changing your view to small icons is to ____ open space in Documents library, point to View, and click Small icons

A. right-click

A file name can contain up to ____ characters, including spaces.

A. 105
C. 205
D. 255

After saving a document with a file name, the file name will display on the ____ bar.

A. address
C. title
D. notification

____ lets you minimize all windows except the active window and then restore all those windows just by shaking the title bar of the active window

A. Astro Wiggle
C. Aero Wiggle
D. Aero Shake

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