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many in new england believed the violence and upheaval of the late 1600s was evidence of______

God's disfavor and divine judgement

in the early 1700s england and france competed to break spains control over ____

lower Mississippi river area

the french expedition which traced the course of the mississippi river to the gulf of mexico was led by __

Robert Cavilier and De la salle

the text describes ____ as the most troubling episode in american history

salem witch trials

a second round of conflict between france and england began when louis XIV began to

acquire spains european relm and american dominion

metcom's war was sparked by the murder of a christian indian,___

john sassamon

as a result of _____ france revived their southern strategy of colonizing the lower mississippi valley

king williams war

a plan of government drafted by the ______ tried to recreate the feudal hiearchy of mideval times

carolina proprietors

although the ______ was ultimately crushed, it succeeded in ending the system of forced labor and tribute

pueblo revolt

the first slaves in england's north american colony were in


the greatest obstacle to abolishing slavery was ___

the racism of whites

the first European outposton the subsaharan african coast was___


by creating the dominion of ____, james hoped to make it easier to supress dissent in the puritain colonies

new england

the french established the first permanent settlement on the gulf of mexico at ___

mobile bay

after the indians defeat in matacom's war, many of the surviving indians ___

were confined in enclaves or sold as slaves in west indes

from their earliest encounters, the spanish in pueblo were sharply divided by their views on____


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