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Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders History


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What was the original squad called?
CowBelles & Beaux. Debuted in 1960 w/ Cowboy's inaugural season. Made up of local high school students.
Who inspired Tex Schramm (Original GM) to start DCC?
1967 season, the scantily clad, well-endowed Bubbles Cash, a stripper by profession, caused a tremendous stir in the crowd that turned to cheers when she walked down the staircase stands on the 50 yard line carrying cotton candy in each hand.
What year did what we know as the DCC start to form?
1969, started with the 1970 season. Consisted of 10 girls.
Who was the first manager of DCC?
Dee Brock
When did Texie Waterman join?
Joined as choreographer in 1972.
When did the squad fully consist of adults?
When did the USO Tours begin?
During the 1979 holiday season for U.S. troops stationed in South Korea.
Who is the Director of the DCC?
Kelli McGonagill Finglass
Who is the choreographer for the DCC?
Judy Trammell
What year did CMT start "Making the Team"?
Which season is MTT on?
Season 11
What did DCC receive to promote in 2022?
the FIFA delegation to promote the 2022 FIFA World Cup
Who originally designed the iconic uniform?
Jody Van Amburgh
How many modifications have been made to the uniform?
In May 1989, the original "go-go" boot had gone out of style, and a more western oriented design was selected.
In 1991, the large buckled belt was left behind in favor of shorts with a more flattering cut.
In 1992, a cowboy-style boot was introduced to the uniform
In 1993, crystals were added to outline the 15 stars on the vest and shorts.
In 1994, a more western shape to the blouse lapels was incorporated.
In 1999, crystals were added to the fringe line of the vest.
In 2002, a western styled belt with a large buckle was added to the shorts.
Who hand tailored the uniform for 24 years?
Leveta Crager
Who replaced Leveta Crager in 1996?
designer Greg Danison
How long did Judy cheer for?
4 years 84-89
How long did Kelly cheer for?
5 years 80-84
Television appearances:
Family Feud, Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader, SNL, The Tonight Show, I Can Do That
Which DCC was on the bachelor and Dancing W/ the Stars?
Melissa Rycroft
Which DCC won the Amazing Race 13
Starr Spangler
Which DCC is now an actress that appeared in Transformers?
Abigail Klein
Who was the first director of DCC?
Suzanne Mitchell
What was added to DCC ring?
A dove