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Not official definitions, just a way to study for Unit 1 test... *when studying or playing games, ignore stuff in parentheses. just extra information*


the study of the physical Earth, the people who live on it, and their interactions with Earth and each other

Absolute Location

the exact location of a place on the earth. found using latitude and longitude (grid system)

Relative Location

The position of a place in relation to another place


a detailed description of both the human and physical traits that you see


where one would find a place


the physical or human trait or traits that make an area unique


how goods, people, and ideas travel from place to place


how people change the earth and the earth changes people

Cultural Diffusion

the exchanging of ideas from one place to another


moving to a place and adopting the new culture, fitting into the new culture


taking materials or technology that already exists and creating a new tool or process to meet one of your needs


when a society changes because it accepts a cultural trait or innovation from outside itself

Language Family

a group of languages that have a common origin

Romance Languages

languages derived from Latin; include Italian, Spanish, French, Romanian, and Portuguese (Roman Empire -> Roman -> Romance)

Cultural Convergence

merging of cultures

Cultural Divergence

restriction of outside cultural influences

Sustainable Development

technological and economic growth that does not deplete the human and natural resources of a given area

Formal Region

region drawn on the basis of one or more measurable, shared traits

Functional Region

region defined by a system of interactions

Perceptual (Vernacular) Region

region defined by people's feelings and attitudes about an area (more likely to change over time than other regions; frequently based on stereotypes)

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