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Aerial View of Saint Sernin
-Toulouse, France
-ca 1070-1120 CE
Apulu of Veli
-Veli, Italy
-ca 510-500 BCE
-Iona, Scotland
-late 8th or early 9th C
crucifix Cologne Cathedral
-Cologne, Germany
-ca 970 CE
Crucifixion Lindau Gospel Cover
-Sain Gall, Switzerland
-ca 870 CE
Cubiculum M of the Ville of Publius Fannius Synistor
-Boscoreale, Italy
-ca 50-40 BCE
Detail of Third Style Wall Painting
Boscotrecase, Italy
-ca 10 BCE
Dionysiac mystery frieze
Pompeii, Italy
-ca 60-50 BCE
Domus Aurea
-Rome, Italy
-ca 64-68 BCE
Fibula with Orientalizing Lions
-Cerveteri, Italy
-ca 650-640 BCE
Funerary Relief with portraits of the Gessi
-Rome, Italy
-ca 30 BCE
Hagia Sophia
-Constantinople, Istanbul, Turkey
-ca 532-537 CE
Interior Saint Sernin
-Toulouse, France
-ca 1070-1120 CE
Ixion room
-Pompei, Italy
-ca 70-79 BCE
Justinian as world conqueror
-Barberini Ivory
-mid 6th century
Man with portrait busts of his ancestors
-late first century BCE
Mausoleum of Galla Placidia
-Ravenna, Italy
-ca 425
Nave of the Church of Saint Cyriakus
-Gernrode, Germany
-ca 961-973 CE
Neptune and Amphitrite
-Herculaneum, Italy
-ca 62-79 BCE
Plan of Old Saint Peter's
-Rome, Italy
Portrait of Augustus as General
-Primaporta, Italy
ca 20 BCE
Saint Matthew folio 15
-Hautvillers, France
-800-810 CE
The Good Shepherd; the story of Jonah and the Orants
-Rome, Italy
-4th C
The Parting of Abraham and Lot
-Rome, Italy
-ca 432-440 CE
Westwork of the Abbey Church
-Corvey, Germany
-873-885 CE
Christ as Good Shepherd
-ca 300-350 CE
Doors with Relief Panels
-ca 1015 CE
-Primaporta, Italy
-ca 90-21 BCE
Head of an Old Man
-from Osimo
-mid first century BCE
Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes
-Ravenna, Italy
-ca 504 CE
Portrait of Roman General
-Tivoli, Italy
-ca 75-50 BCE
Tumulus Tombs
-Cerveteri, Italy
7th-2nd C