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to wake up


to shave one's self

la ducha

the shower


to shower one's self

la toalla

the towel

el desodorante

the deodorant

el cepillo

the brush

el peine

the comb

pintarse las uñas

to paint one's nails

cortarse el pelo

to cut one's hair

lavarse la cara

to wash one's face


to bathe one's self

el cinturón

the belt

las joyas

the jewelry

cepillarse los dientes

to brush one's teeth

arreglarse el pelo

to fix one's hair


to dry one's self

el secador

the hair dryer


to put on one's self


to dress one's self


to go to bed


to get one's self up

pedir prestado

to borrow


to prepare one's self

el agua de colonia

the cologne

el gel

the gel

los labios

the lips

el maquillaje

the make-up

el pelo

the hair

el salón de belleza

the beauty shop

la audición

the audition

la boda

the wedding

la cita

the date

el concurso

the contest

un evento especial

the special event


to make-up one's self

antes de


después de


de oro

made of gold

de plata

made of silver

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