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  1. Priestly and Ingenhousz
  2. Granum
  3. Heterotrophs
  4. Oxygen, ATP, NADPH
  5. Oxygen and high-energy sugars
  1. a Stack of Thylakoids
  2. b Scientist that showed that plants need light to grow
  3. c Organisms such as hawks and leopards that obtain energy from the foods the consume
  4. d Photosynthesis uses sunlight to convert water and Carbon dioxide into this
  5. e Products of light-dependent reactions

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  1. Plants take in the sun's energy by absorbing what?
  2. Photosynthesis uses energy of sunlight to convert water and arbon dioxide into oxygen and this
  3. Energy is released from ATP
  4. The stroma is the space that surrounds this
  5. Plant's gather the sun's energy with light absorbing molecules called?

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  1. AutotrophsOrganisms that make their own food


  2. IngenhouszFound that plants produce oxygen bubbles only in the presence of light


  3. High Energy SugarsA product of the Calvin Cycle


  4. The rate of photosynthesis increases and then levels offDecreases when the weather becomes very cold


  5. Beginning of photosynthesisPigments in photosystem II absorb light