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  1. The rate of photosynthesis increases and then levels off
  2. Oxygen and high-energy sugars
  3. Chlorophyll doesn't absorb green light
  4. Granum
  5. Thylokoid Membrane
  1. a Stack of Thylakoids
  2. b Photosynthesis uses sunlight to convert water and Carbon dioxide into this
  3. c Where photosynthesis I and II are found
  4. d Why plants appear green
  5. e If you continue to increase the intensity of light that a plant receives

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  1. Pigments in photosystem II absorb light
  2. Decreases when the weather becomes very cold
  3. Plant's gather the sun's energy with light absorbing molecules called?
  4. Concluded that plants gain most of their mass from water alone
  5. Scientist that showed that plants need light to grow

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  1. Light Dependent reactionsAnother name for the Calvin Cycle


  2. Carbon dioxide, water, and lightProducts of light-dependent reactions


  3. High Energy SugarsA product of the Calvin Cycle


  4. PhotosynthesisRequires light, Water, carbon dioxide, and chlorophyll


  5. IngenhouszPlant's gather the sun's energy with light absorbing molecules called?