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  1. Light
  2. Thylakoid Membrane
  3. Thylakoid
  4. Fewer Sugars will be produced
  5. Photosynthesis
  1. a Where light-dependent reactions take place
  2. b Ingenhousz showed that plants produce bubbles when exposed to this
  3. c If Carbon dioxide is removed from a plant's environment
  4. d Requires light, Water, carbon dioxide, and chlorophyll
  5. e Place in the Chloroplast that chlorophyll is found

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  1. Pigments in photosystem II absorb light
  2. Photosynthesis uses sunlight to convert water and Carbon dioxide into this
  3. NOT an example of a heterotroph
  4. Photosynthesis uses energy of sunlight to convert water and arbon dioxide into oxygen and this
  5. Jan van Helmont concluded that plants gain most of their mass from this

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  1. Carbon dioxide, water, and lightProducts of light-dependent reactions


  2. AutotrophsOrganisms such as hawks and leopards that obtain energy from the foods the consume


  3. Water,temperature, and light intensityUsed in the overall reactions for photosynthesis


  4. SunlightPlants take in the sun's energy by absorbing what?


  5. GranumStack of Thylakoids