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  1. High Energy Sugars
  2. When a phosphate group is removed
  3. Thylakoid Membrane
  4. The rate of photosynthesis increases and then levels off
  5. Photosynthesis
  1. a Energy is released from ATP
  2. b If you continue to increase the intensity of light that a plant receives
  3. c Requires light, Water, carbon dioxide, and chlorophyll
  4. d Where light-dependent reactions take place
  5. e Photosynthesis uses energy of sunlight to convert water and arbon dioxide into oxygen and this

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  1. NOT an example of a heterotroph
  2. Used in the overall reactions for photosynthesis
  3. Organisms that cannot make their own food and must obtain energy from the foods they eat
  4. Things that effect the rate of photosynthesis
  5. If Carbon dioxide is removed from a plant's environment

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  1. Oxygen and high-energy sugarsPhotosynthesis uses sunlight to convert water and Carbon dioxide into this


  2. Light Dependent reactionsAnother name for the Calvin Cycle


  3. LightIngenhousz showed that plants produce bubbles when exposed to this


  4. StromaPlace where the Calvin Cycle takes place


  5. Oxygen, ATP, NADPHStack of Thylakoids