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Australia Fact Sheet 2


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Australia is the only country on...
the world's smallest and flattest continent
Australia is divided into...
6 states and 2 mainland territories
(10 total territories)
Great Barrier Reef is the world's largest
coral reef
Great Barrier Reef is located in
the Coral Sea
Great Barrier Reef extends ____ miles along ____
1,200 miles along Queensland's east coast
the Coral Sea is located...
off the east coast of Australia
Who lives in the Coral Sea?
no one lives here except weather specialists
Where is Ayers Rock?
southwest corner of the Northern Territory
Ayers Rock is a ___
A monolith is a single, large rock sticking out of the earth (like Stone Mountain)
Why is Ayers Rock orange in color?
its high iron content causes it to rust
The Great Victoria Desert is ____ square miles.
The Great Victoria Desert receives _____ of rain each year
8-10 inches
How many people live in the Great Victoria Desert? Why?
very few because it is too hot and dry
How many deserts are there in Australia?
9 official deserts
What oceans surround Australia?
Indian Ocean on the west and Pacific Ocean on the east
Where do most people live in Australia?
nearly 80% of Australians live in urban areas, mostly on the east coast
What is the most populated city in Australia?
In what climate zone do most Australians live?
in the temperate zone along the southeast and southwest coasts
When is summer in Australia?
December - March (opposite the US)
Do people live in Australia's Outback?
there are scattered settlements in the outback, mostly around mining operations
How does Australia's location impact trade?
close enough to be a major supplier of natural resources to China
How does Australia's climate impact trade?
Most tourists visit Australia during the summer months of December-March.
How does Australia's natural resources impact trade?
agricultural exports account for nearly 1/3 of the economy (wheat, wool, beef, sugar, dairy products)
Australia exports more ____ and ___ than any other country.
coal and iron ore
Who claimed eastern Australia for England in 1768 naming it New South Wales?
Captain James Cook
What language did the prisoners, guards, courts, and businesses speak in Australia?
During the Gold Rush, what language did most of the spectators speak?
English (the spectators were from England, Ireland, China & US)
What is the official language of Australia?
About 95% of Australians are this religion
Christians (Roman Catholic & Anglican have most members)
About 5% of Australians are this religion
Muslims, Buddhists, Jews or Hindus
What is Australia's literacy rate?
almost 100%
Does Australia have poverty?
yes, about 2 million Australians live below the poverty line