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a goverment in which the ruler is viewed as a divine figure.


Huge, triangular shaped burial tombs of Egyptian pharaohs built during the Old Kingdom


a process of embalming & drying corpes to prevent them from decaying


an ancient Egyptian writing system in which pictures were used to represent ideas and sounds


A tall reed that grows in the Nile delta, used by the ancient Egyptions to make a paperlike material for writing on.


A waterfall or stretch of rapids in a river. (difficult area to traverse through).


A marshy region formed by deposits of silt at the mouth of a river. ( a triangler area).


A strong-willed King of upper Egypt. ( United all of Egypt)


A king of ancient Egypt, considered a god as well as a political and military leader.

Fertile Crescent

An arc of rich farmland in Southwest Asia, between the Perisan Gulf and the Mediterranean Sea.


The fine soil carried in the water of rivers.


The bringing of water to crop fields by means of canals and ditches.


A city and its surronding lands functioning as an independent political unit.


A series of rulers from a single family.

cultural diffusion

The spreading of ideas or products from one culture to another.


belief in multiple Gods


a political unit in which a number of peoples or countries are controlled by a single ruler.


King of Babylon. Created one of the first written code of laws called the code of Hammurabi

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