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First line indent marker
The upper triangle at the left edge of the ruler indicates the
Decimal, Right, Left, Center, Bar
Text can be aligned using all of the following types of tab stops:
In Outline view, which button do you click to move an item up a level?
When you start PowerPoint, the first slide you see is the _______ slide.
Slide Pane
In which pane do you do most of the work creating and building slides?
Which of the following is not one of the presentation views? (notes page, slide show, slide sorter, outline)
Click the delete slide button
How do you delete a selected slide?
Which option in the Print dialog box lets you print the slides with notes for your audience?
Pie, line, bar, and column are types of
Sizing handles
The small square surrounding a selected graphic are called
Gradients, Texture, Color, and Fill
You can fill an object with
A ______ is a symbol that is designed to help customers remember a business and its products
_________ templates are predesigned layouts that can be used as a basis for professional-looking projects.
Format Painter
If you want yo copy the format to more than one block of text, double click the ___________ button.
Page Layout
To change margin settings, click the __________ tab on the Ribbon and then click the Margins button.
_________ alignment refers to positioning text between the top and bottom margins of a document.
Text alignment can be set with left, right, center or _________ tab stops.
_________ are solid, dotted, or dashed lines that fill the blank space before a tab setting.
If you don't want part of a graphic to appear in the document, you can ________ the part you don't want.
In a table, to move back one cell, press the Shift + ______ key
Contents of active cell
The _____________ always appears in the Formula Bar
Enter, Tab, or Enter button on formula bar
After you finish typing a formula in a cell, you must enter it by pressing the
Relative and Absolute
Cell references that contain both _________ and __________ references are called mixed cell references.
Vertical Aligment
When you change the _________ of the text, you change the position of the text between the top and bottom margins.
Left- Alignment or Justified
Documents are normally _______ or ________.
Line spacing is the amount of space between paragraphs.
Can you change the bullets used for bulleted lists?
Hanging Indent
A ______ indent the lines that follow the first full lime of text.
When data entered in a cell is longer than the width of the cell, a series of _____ appears in the cell.
Wrapped text is truncated within cell is longer when the data exceeds the width of column.
Merge & Center
The _____ & _____ button combines several cells into one cell and places the data in the center of the merged cell.
A border can be places around the entire cell or only on a certain sides of the cell.
The default number format for data in a cell is text.
An _____ is a constant or cell reference used in formulas.
In a formula, subtraction is performed before multiplication.
In a formula, operations within parentheses are performed after operation outside parentheses.
An ____ reference does not change if the formula is copied or moved.
1) Equal sign 2) Function name 3) argument
Formulas with function have three parts: 1)____ 2)____ 3)___
The argument identifies the function to be performed.
Insert Fuction
You select the function you want to use in the _____ ______ dialog box.
Store, Retrieve, Analyze, and Print info
A DBMS allows you to _____,______,______, and ______
The object that stores data in the database is a form.
Entire Row
Clicking a record selector in a database selects an _________ _________.
Holding down the Alt key allows you to select more than one column in a datasheet.
Changing the height of one row in a datasheet changes the height of all rows.
When you use the Blank Database template to create a new database, Access opens a table name Table 1 for you.
The _______ property is an optional field property that helps users understand what data to enter in a field.
When you sort a field that contains text values in _____ order, data is arranged from A to Z.
Double Space
What type of text has a full blank line between each line of text?
Top, Button, Left, Right
Which margins can you customize in a document?