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17 terms

Uregelrette verb engelsk

Her finner uregelrette verb på engelsk
To arise
arise, arose, have arisen (oppstå)
to awake
awake, awoke, have awoken (våkne)
to be
be, was/were, have been (være)
to bear
to bear, born, have born/borne (bære/føde)
to beat
to beat, beat, have beaten (slå)
To become
To become, became, have become (bli)
To begin
To begin, began, have begun (å begynne)
To bend
To bend, bent, have bent (å bøye)
To bet
To bet, bet, have bet (vedde)
To bind
To bind, bound, have bound (binde)
To bite
To bite, bit, have bitten (bite)
To bleed
To bleed, bled, have bled (blø)
To blow
To blow, blew, have lown (blåse)
To break
To break, broke, have broken (brekke/ødelegge)
To breed
To breed, bred, have bred (avle)
To bring
To bring, brought, have brought (ha med seg)
To broadcast
To broadcast, broadcast/ed, have broadcast/ed (kringkaste)