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This test will help the student to define the meaning of idioms and how idioms are use in a sentence.

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Mr. Gonzales taught us to break a leg in the Math battle of the brains competition.
A way to wish someone good luck.
That man in the boat is having a wild goose chase in the sea.
A useless journey or pursuit.
Our apartment in Manila are having no room to swing a cat for the new badspacer.
There is not a lot of space.
The employee of the month received a pay through the nose because of having a good performance.
To pay a lot of money, more than is normal.
Mr. Antonio is barking at the wrong tree with his issue with the other teacher.
To choose the wrong course of action.
I need to spill the beans to reveal the truth and to help the lawyer in solving the case.
To tell a secret.
It's raining cats and dogs today.
It's raining heavily.
I don't like to go with Jo to avoid getting into hot water with his wrong doings.
To get into trouble.
The child in the cinema is quite chicken- hearted after watching the horror movie.
To be scared.
She feels like his on the top of the world after his fiance propose to her.
To be really happy.