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Physical Science: Naming Compounds and Writing Formulas

The __ of an ionic compound must distinguish the compound from other ionic compounds containing the same elements
ratio of ions
What the chemical formula of an ionic compound tells you? elements and __
Names of ions are formed by placing the suffix -_ after part of the name of the non-metal.
When a metal forms more than one ion, the name of the ion contains a Roman numeral to indicate the __ on the ion.
polyatomic ion
A ___ is a covalently bonded group of atoms that has a positive or negative charge and acts as a unit.
Howm many ammonium ions are needed to form a compound with one phosphate ion.
number of atoms
What information is provided by the name and formula of a molecular compound? elements and ____
most metallic element
What appears first in the name of a molecular compound?
What identifies the method of naming the number of atoms in molecular compounds?
An ion with a negative charge
An ion with a positive charge