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Lifting of Patients Quiz Review

Which of the following is used to mobilize a patient with a suspected spinal injury?

Long backboard

Which of the following is the correct position of an EMT's feet when lifting?

Shoulder width apart

Which of the methods listed below is best described as moving a patient from the floor to a stretcher by having two or more rescuers kneel, curl the patient to their chests, stand and then reverse the process to place the patient on the stretcher?

Direct ground left

You have an unconscious patient who does not have a possibility of a spinal injury and was breathing adequately which of the following is the best position for transporting the patient?

Recovery position

You have responded to a nursing home and find an elderly patient in his bed and in cardiac arrest which type of move would you perform to get the patient to a hard surface so you can perform chest compressions?

Emergency move

Which of the following is another name for the squat lift position?

Power lift

Which of the following devices is best suited for maneuvering a patient through a narrow hallway?

Flexible stretcher

Which of the following is not correct body mechanics when using the power lift?

Raise your lower body prior to your upper body

Where should you position the weight of the object being lifted?

As close to the body as possible

Which of the following moves should be used for a patient that has been entrapped in wreckage for long period of time but has now been freed?

Urgent move

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