13 - Sexual Aggression and Violence


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nonconsensual penetration of the body using physical force or the threat of bodily harm
statutory rape
in general, as defined by state laws, any sexual penetration by an adult of a minor child regardless of the minor's consent
incapacitated rape
a rape that occurs when the victim has been rendered unable to take defensive action, usually accomplished through the use of alcohol or date rape drugs
date rape drugs
powerful sedatives that render (fancy word for make) a rapist's potential victim unconscious or otherwise unable to resist; also known as club drugs
rape trauma syndrome
a two-stage set of symptoms that follow the trauma of being raped, consisting of physical, emotional, and behavioral stress reactions
posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
a pervasive psychological and emotional reaction to a traumatic event, experienced or witnessed (such as war, natural disasters, rape, etc.) , incl. symptoms of anxiety, flashbacks, hypervigilance, irritability, nightmares and depression
child sexual abuse (CSA)
the sexual victimization of a child by an adult or a significantly older child
uncontrollable sexual compulsions involving children
child molestation
any sexual act performed with a child by an adult or a much older child
molestation of a child by a blood relative
chemical castration
blocking the production of testosterone in repeat sex offenders through the regular injection of female hormones
sexual harassment
a pattern of unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, or other verbal and physical conduct that is coercive or creates a hostile work or educational environment
quid pro quo
something given in exchange for a benefit or reward; with reference to sexual harassment, a situation in which a person in a position of power over another requires sexual favors in exchange for some beneficial outcome for the victim
hostile environment
a distressing work or educational environment resulting from overt or covert sexually related activities or intrusions