Cells to Systems Questions

Unit A Chapter 2
What is the most basic unit of living things?
the cell
What are the two functions of every cell?
take in food and get rid of waste
During cellular respiration in humans, what gas is produced by the cell?
Oxygen is used by the cell and the cell produces carbon dioxide.
What would happen to a cell that receives no more oxygen or food?
The cell would die.
What do cell walls provide?
extra support and protection
How are plants, animals, and other living things different from nonliving things?
Living things are made up of cells.
List five parts of all cells.
nucleus, mitochondria, cell membrane, cytoplasm, vacuole
What type of cell is responsible for communicating signals between the brain and other parts of the body?
branching cells (nerve cells)
How does the shape of a skin cell help it do its job?
Skin cells are flat, they can overlap and provide a layer of protection for the body.
What are cilia and what do they do?
Cilia are waving hair-like structures that sweep dirt and germs from the airways.
What is the name of the dead tissue that helps hold warm air near your body?
How does cell organization help tissues and organs function better?
Cells can work together to do a complex job.
Antiperspirant stops the release of sweat from seat glands. What effect does this have on cells and the body?
There will be no sweat to carry heat away from the body. Also, wastes from cells won't be carried away from sweat.
How does a nerve cell's shape and structure help it do its job?
A nerve cell's branching shape and structure help connect several parts of the body at the same time, and its length helps move signals quickly.
How is a tissue like a team?
Tissue is a group of cells working together to do the same job like a team.
What mineral is stored in bones and released into the blood when its levels become low?
Why is each bone an organ?
Each bone is made of bone tissue and other tissues.
How many bones make up the skeletal system?
About 200 bones
What system controls how your muscles move your bones?
Nervous system
How do muscles work in pairs to move a bone?
One muscle contracts while its partner muscle relaxes, pulling the bones to a desired position.