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Cancer can best be described as:
Uncontrolled cell division
During ______________, the nuclear envelope disappears, and the chromosomes become distinct.
Which sequence in the cell cycle is correct?
Prophase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase
A geneticist is studying the karyotype of a person with a normal number of chromosomes. Which of the following would be the correct chromosome configuration?
22 pairs of autosomes and one pair of sex chromosomes
A geneticist is studying the movement of a chromosome segment from one chromosome to another. This scientist would be studying:
A translocation
Which of the following is the correct order of stages in the lytic cycle?
Attachment, penetration, biosynthesis, maturation, release
The innermost core of a virus's structure is made up of
either DNA or RNA
If you were studying the lytic cycle of viral reproduction, which stage would not be included in your studies?
If you were writing a paper on Wachtershaüser and Huber's hypothesis on how the first cells arose, your paper would highlight which of the following hypotheses?
The iron-sulfur world hypothesis
Which of the following groups of organisms would be used in gene therapy?
Most of the sediment that accumulates on the ocean floor is due to
dead foraminiferans and radiolarians
Of the following statements about protists, which one is false?
Only multicellular protists have a nucleus
A biologist is studying a multinucleated, cytoplasmic mass of cells which creeps along, phagocytiizing plant material as it moves. Based on this information you would conclude that he or she is studying which of the following?
Plasmodial slime molds
Which of the following is a sexually transmitted disease?
Which of the following protozoans causes malaria?
Which of the following is not an example of a carnivorous plant?
The horsetail
If you were studying the female portion of the moss gametophyte you would be studying
the archegonium
Which of the following types of plants will produce a naked seed?
Which of the following are not considered to be gymnosperms?
If you were studying the portion of the gymnosperm which will give rise to the egg-producing gametophyte, you would be studying the
Prepared slides of _________ tissue were compared to _________ tissue
. normal, cancerous
Three sources of animal tissue were compared in this exercise. Which of the following was not used?
Which of the following does not occur during interphase?
Chromosomes are visible
In mitosis, after duplication, the nuclei of the two daughter cells have _______ chromosomes as the parent cell.
the same number of
Which of the following does not occur during prophase?
Homologues align along the cell's equator
Most of the normal and cancerous cells were?
. Not dividing
How did the mitotic index of cancerous cells compare to that of normal cells for all three tissues?
The mitotic index was higher in cancer cells
A possible reason for a more rapid growth rate observed in stomach cancer compared to lung cancer could be due to:
The high turnover rate of cells lining the stomach
Based on the results from the lab, would you expect to see a difference in the rate of cell division in cancerous skin tissue compared to normal skin tissue?
Yes, because cancerous tissue has a higher mitotic index than normal tissue.
Compare and contrast interphase versus mitosis.
Cell growth and DNA/centriole replication occurs when the cell is at rest in interphase whereas mitosis is defined as division of the nucleus in which the cell actively divides to form two identical daughter cells and its phases are prophase, metaphase, anaphase and telophase.