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  1. Émigrés
  2. Bourgeoisie
  3. Jean Paul Marat
  4. King Louis XVIII
  5. Guerrillas
  1. a French nobles who fled from France during the peasant uprisings
  2. b members of an irregular military force, the spanish peasant fighters
  3. c published a radical journal called Friend of the People
  4. d the king who assumed the throne once napoleon was exciled to elba. unpopular among subjects, especially peasants
  5. e merchants and artisans (new wealth)

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  1. sat on the right og the meeting hall, opposed more chamges in governent, trusted the king, and upheld the idea of limited monarchy
  2. an 1805 naval battle in which Napoleon's forces were defeated by a British fleet under the command of Horatio Nelson.
  3. composed of Great Britain, Holland, and Spain joined with Prussia and Austria
  4. liberty, property, security and resistance to oppression
  5. a machine for beheading people, used as a means of execution during the French Revolution.

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  1. Georges Dantonagreement


  2. Second Estaterich nobles, made up 2% of population


  3. Maximilien RobespierreOverthrew French Directory in 1799 and became emperor of the French in 1804. Failed to defeat Great Britain and abdicated in 1814. Returned to power briefly in 1815 but was defeated and died in exile.


  4. Marie Antoinettesat in the center of the hall and wanted some changes in government, but not as many as the radicals.


  5. coup d' etata sudden seizure of power, or "blow of he state"