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  1. King Louis XVI
  2. Jacobins
  3. Third Coalition
  4. King Louis XVIII
  5. coup d' etat
  1. a absolute monarch of France at the start of the French Revolution. After yielding power to the revolutionary National Assembly, he was overthrown when the French Republic was declared and then executed, along with his wife, Queen Marie Antoinette, during the Reign of Terror.
  2. b group that wanted to remove the king and establish a republic
  3. c the king who assumed the throne once napoleon was exciled to elba. unpopular among subjects, especially peasants
  4. d Britain persuaded Russia, Austria, Sweden to join against France
  5. e a sudden seizure of power, or "blow of he state"

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  1. brief period when Napoleon made his last bid for power
  2. composed of Great Britain, Holland, and Spain joined with Prussia and Austria
  3. 1. women weren't given a right to vote 2. reduced Louis XVI's role from king to common citizen & prisoner, 3. tried Louis for treason and found him guilty
  4. agreement
  5. a league of European nations formed by the leaders of Russia, Austria, and Prussia after the congress of Vienna

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  1. Sans- culottesgroup that wanted to remove the king and establish a republic


  2. Blockadegovernment run public schools


  3. The Directorycomposed of two groups, the bourgeoisie and the workers of France's cities, made up 98% of population


  4. rights of manreign of the jacobins who set out to crush , thousands killed at the guillotine


  5. Jean Paul Marata conflict, lasting from 1808 to 1813, in which Spanish rebels, with the aid of British forces, fought to drive Napoleon's French troops out of Spain. killed 300,000 french


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