Geographer's Tools

a three demensional representation of the earth

provides a way to view the earth as it travels through space
because earth is a sphere provides a way to see both sides of the earth

not alway practical because it is not easily portable
thematic maps
emphasize specific kinds of information
first step in creating a map
field surveys
most mapping is done by remote satellite
Global Positioning System
originally developed for military forces
shows absolute location
Geographic Information System
Stores information about the world
includes maps, photographs, and other data
navigational maps
AKA Charts
Geostationary Operational Environment
satellite that orbits in sync with the earth
map projection
a way of drawing the earth's surface that reduces distortion
Data gathered?
Differences in land cover
Variation in temperature
a person that makes maps
remote sensing
the gathering of geographic information from a distance by an instrument that is not physically in contact with the mapping area
satalite company
orbits 100 miles around the earth
topographic maps
a representation of natural and man made features on earth
drove stake into mouth of the Nile River
225 BC
Noted shadow angle
off by 15%
accurate with given tools
earliest geographer
First map?
of Babylonia
Maps as a tool
to show location of places, landforms, and bodies of water and where they are in relation to other parts of the earth

two dimensional graphic representations of the earth

easily portable an can be drawn to different scales distortion occurs as the earth flattens