19 terms

runescape gods exposed

the god of ballance who wears green and who lives with saradomin and zamorak on a farm and the god who is dumb
the holy god who wears blue and who lives with zamorak and guthix on a farm
cosmic alter
the place where zamorak saradomin and guthix lived before they moved to the farm
a farmer who lives neer the gods farm and who talks weird
one of guthix's brother's who turned gonthorian into a spade and who is a mass murderer
the general store
runescape gods exposed sponser
one of guthix's brother's who is a mass murderer
the mighty gonthorian
the warrior on the show who weilds a god sword and who hates the word fruit salad
fruit salad
the word two people said before leaving gonthorian after they made fun of his sword
the runescape ghost rusters
a ghost hunting team who was hired to help saradomin and zamorak get rid of a ghost on their farm who really was just a guy in ghostly robe fletching
the city neer the farm they live on
a cannon
a item that can shoot cannon ball's at someone and the item zamorak bought
person on the show who is zamorak's son and who makes zuthix and drufix take gonthorian who was a spade at the time
the evil god who wears red and lives with saradomin and guthix on a farm
a bloging website that zamorak talks about when he says he does not have internet at the farm
the word guthix uses after randy the raccoon makes guthix jump into a portal
a raccoon that guthix found that makes him jump into a portal
the jailer
a jailer at a jail zuthix and drufix should be at for comiting mass murder and who says boys will be boys
king black dragon
a runescape monster that guthix teleports to falador and what made them start the show