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Ms Fanny's Class: Fractions

Let's Revise on Fractions!!
A Fraction
A Number that represents Part of a Whole

For e.g. 1/2, 4/5, 3/4, 7/10
A Numerator
The TOP number in a fraction
A Denominator
The BOTTOM number in a fraction

This number tells you the TOTAL parts being divided/cut
A Whole Shape divided into Equal Parts
Unequal Parts
A Mixed Number
A number made up of a Whole number and a Fraction
A Proper Fraction
A fraction whose Numerator is Less than the Denominator
An Improper Fraction
A fraction whose Numerator is Larger than the Denominator
One Whole
A whole pizza cut/ divided into 2 equal parts
One whole fruit cut into 2 equal parts
Shaded part = 1/2
Shaded part = One-Third
Shaded part = 1/4
Shaded part = One-Sixth
Shaded part = 1/8
Shaded part = One-Tenth
Shaded part = 1/100
One-Quarter is also known as

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