22 terms

AP US Unit 4

Supported the ratification of the Constitution
Did not support the ratification of the Constitution
Northwest Land Ordinance
Refined qualifications for statehood: a certain amount of land had to be reserved for public education and slavery was prohibited in this territory
Shay's Rebellion
Farmers couldn't pay their taxes so their land was being taken away...instead of giving up their land, the farmers rebelled
Annapolis Convention
Originally a meeting between 5 states to discuss trade/commerce/navigation problems but then turned into a discussion on reforming the Articles
Mount Vernon Conference
A meeting between Maryland and Virginia to discuss navigation of rivers, but turned into discussion of trade problems between states
wrote the Spirit of Laws; believed in the separation of powers
Believed that kings should have total power and people need a strong central government to maintain order
Ben Franklin
Oldest member of the Constitutional Convention
George Washington
President of the Constitutional Convention
Thomas Jefferson
Wrote the Declaration of Independence
Edmond Randolph
Sponsored the Virginia Plan
Alexander Hamilton
Leader of the Federalists
James Madison
Wrote the Constitution; drafted the Virginia Plan
George Mason
Would not sign the Constitution without the addition of a bill of rights
Virginia Plan
Two houses of Congress, President, Supreme Court, representation based on population, and favored the big states
New Jersey Plan
Opposite of Virginia Plan, one house of Congress, no President, no Supreme Court, equal representation, and favored smaller states
Connecticut Compromise
Two houses of Congress with split representation: Senate (equal) and House of Representatives (based on population)
3/5 Compromise
Slaves are considered 3/5 of the population when voting
Slave Trade Compromise
The South's slave trade was guaranteed for at least 20 years after the ratification of the Constitution (until 1810)
Checks and Balances
A system that allows each branch of government to limit the powers of the other branches in order to prevent abuse of power.
Beard Thesis
Believed that the Constitution was only written in order to benefit the rich authors